Frequently asked questions

1. Why can't I create other kinds of Ads?

If the custom audience for a particular type of Ad does not have a minimum audience of 100, you would not be able to create a campaign. You can create a prospecting Ad to drive quality traffic to your store in-order to build up your custom audiences.

2. Why can't I edit my image?

You can only edit the images for website visitors and prospecting campaigns. The other kinds of campaigns are dynamic Ads. The images in dynamic Ads are populated with your product images, so you dont have to worry about uploading an image.

3. When does my free trial start and end?

AdGeek comes with a 14 day free trial. Your trial starts after creating your first dynamic Ad.

4. How much does AdGeek cost?

Based on your ad spend budget, you pay a fixed monthly fee for using AdGeek. Visit our pricing page for more details.

5. What services do you offer?

AdGeek is a self-serve application that allows you to have access to the latest retargeting technology. Our team will help you create outstanding static or dynamic ads on Facebook and the web. If you want to outsource your online marketing and social media management, then contact our services team.

6. Will I get historical data of ads I created outside AdGeek?

Currently, AdGeek does not provide historical data on post that were created outside the platform.

7. Can I edit my campaigns?

Sure. You can edit your campaigns from AdGeek, but you should also know that frequently (multiple edits within 24hrs) editing your ad can affect the ad delivery. AdGeek will continuosly optimize your ads through out its delivery period.

8. Why does AdGeek mine interest and audiences?

AdGeek uses machine learning to find the interest and audience targeting for your ads. Audience and interest mining may take 14hrs - 24hrs.

9. Can I change my Facebook page?

You can change your Facebook page in your account settings

10. Can I change my Facebook ad account?

Currently you can only change your ad account by contacting support.

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